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Marine Scientist and Founder of Marine Nostalgia 


My Marine Nostalgia

I am the son of Henry Belford, who was born in a popular coastline village in Trinidad, known as Blanchicheusse. Although I was born in Arima, I remember travelling to Blanchicheusse every other weekend. The village is known for its homemade ice creams, homemade breads, and cassava pones, which I enjoyed as a child, but the best memories of Blanchicheusse was my dad putting me on his shoulders, while swimming in the ocean. I remember He once cupped both Hands and told me to taste the ocean water, and when I cringed with distaste in my mouth, he said "Now You Will Never Forget The Ocean."

I long for that Ocean Nostalgia, as I lost my dad when I was 9 years old, but I am very Thankful for my introduction to the Ocean, as it provided my initial interest in Marine Science. Therefore, I want to share similar experiences with others, by telling their stories, with the hope that we will all assist in protecting our marine environments. Using Marine Nostalgia engages our memories of the Ocean, and encourages us to use our Hands now! to positively impact the ocean's future.

With Hands We Explore

Coral reefs, Toco Trinidad
Stanton Belford

Marine Hands


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433 West Madison Street, Pulaski, TN. 38478  |  Tel: 931-424-4621

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