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The Story behind Marine Nostalgia 

 The Ocean strikes curiosity whenever we see it. Various hues of blue, demanding its enormous stature against the background of another amazing blue. When we touch the waters of the Ocean, we wonder where that water came from, and why its saltiness is so soothing. We remember our first experience with the Ocean. We Love the Ocean, and that feeling takes us to Marine Nostalgia.

Marine Nostalgia was founded to share stories of people in marine science, and the influencers, such as parents and teachers, which played integral parts initiating a love for the ocean. How does early introduction to the ocean and other marine environments become careers many years later. In fact, the influence of Marine Nostalgia guides future generations of marine scientists. My Dad introduced me to that, and Mom never fussed at me when I brought home anything from the Ocean. My teachers guided and trained me to use different techniques to investigate marine biodiversity, and to use these scientific techniques to answer scientific questions. My friends encouraged me to use my Hands, to identify any marine creature that was not familiar to them. Their wide eyes bring a smile to my face, because in most cases, they see more than I.

I see concern for marine environments from marine pollution and destruction of habitat, therefore we need more individuals to make conscientious decisions to alleviate the unbalance Oceans have continuously engulfed from abuse by us. We need to return to our marine nostalgic feelings of the past, and use our Hands to give others positive experiences of the Ocean.

You Explore with Your Hands 

Coral reefs, Toco Trinidad
Stanton Belford

My Hands Stretch Towards The Ocean

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