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Sangre Grande Region Tourism Newsletter. Toco's Coral Reefs. Issue 38, September 2022.

Trinidad and Tobago Newsday Newspaper. Step carefully on Toco reefs. By Anjani Ganase. 2020.

Trinidad and Tobago Newsday Newspaper. Protect Toco reefs too. By Anjani Ganase. 2020.

Wild Tobago Blog. Classrooms in the Sea and Swamp. By wildgirl. 2020.

SCRIBBLESNZ Blog The Last Best Hope. By Mark Meredith. 2020.

Toco Port EIA (CEC5345_2017 Toco Port Project EIA) Comments. 2020.

Trinidad and Tobago Guardian Newspaper. Grande L'Anse coral reef threatened by Toco port. By Kristy Ramnarine. 2019.

Trinidad and Tobago Express Newspaper Put the Environment First. By Mark Meredith. 2019.

Trinidad and Tobago Sunday Express Newspaper. Toco's Turning Tide. By Mark Meredith. 2019.

The Columns Martin Methodist Magazine. From coral reef to classroom.  By Kayla Wiggins. 2015.

ECOLife Magazine Issue No.6. 2015. The importance of corals: What citizens should know about mutualism.

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